Cookie Policy

Choose Wisely places cookies on the device you use to view the website to help us provide a better service.We use analytics cookies from Google, you can find out more about them on this page. We also place a few of our own cookies, which help us understand how you use our website and make it better.

Although we only place cookies on your devices to help us understand you better, we recognise that you might not want them there. If that's the case, don't worry all you need to do is drop our Compliance Manager an email: [email protected]

We've included a list of the cookies that we place and what they do below so that you can have a better understanding.

Cookies that let us track your journey anonymously

Like pretty much all websites out there, we use analytics software like Google Analytics. The purpose of this software is to allow us to gather anonymous data about the way that people are using our site. It also gives us visitor statistics, page views and lots of other really useful stuff. We also place a few of our own analytical cookies to give us a greater understanding of what's working for our users and what's not. This information is really important in helping us make our site as good as we possibly can for our users.

Name of Cookie What does it do? Persistent or Session
__utm* family Tracking cookies set by Google Analytics Persistent (expires after 6 months)
Lender Pages Tracking set by us Persistent
cc_cookie_accept Used for tracking which users have been served with a message explicitly declaring this site uses cookies Persistent (expires after 12 months)

Cookies that allow us to help you use our site properly

We believe its vital for you to be able to use our site properly and without interruption. To facilitate this, we spend lots of time adding features that mean that when you come back to our site, it remembers certain things about you. These are the cookies that allow us to do this:

Name of Cookie What does it do? Persistent or Session
PHPSESSID Resuming a session on returns Session
JourneySessionID Resuming a session - tracking Session
Asp.NET_SessionId Resuming a session on return Session
Username Remembering a username Session
Password Remembering a password Session
*EmailAddress Remembering email address Session
*GUID Auto-login upon return Session