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Guide to lending to friends

When those closest to you are in need of emergency cash, it can seem a simple solution just to lend them the money. Maybe they have approached you and you feel obliged? Granted, lending them the money will prevent them from having to be subject to the high-interest rates that could lead them into more …

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Clearing your debt: 5 steps to becoming debt free

When it comes to clearing your debt, knowing where to start can be ultra confusing. To keep things simple we’ve outlined 5 simple steps below that will help you in dealing with your debt.
Clearing your debt
1. Know your priorities
When managing your debts, aim to pay off those with the highest interest rate …

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Cleaning your finances: 10 things to get rid of this New Year

New year can be a great time to wipe the slate clean and start afresh, especially when it comes to your finances. To kick things off, here’s 10 things for you to get rid of that will help keep your finances shipshape throughout the new year.
1. Get rid of…debt
One of the most …

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5 Financial New Year Resolutions for 2017

New year new me.
We say it every year. But before you start throwing away all your bad carbs, take out your new gym membership and start writing in your fresh yearly planner, think about what resolutions would actually help you this year. Perhaps you’ve got some debts that need clearing, or there’s something you …

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What is debt consolidation?

Debt consolidation is a method of refinancing where you take out new credit to pay off existing credit. The aim of debt consolidation is to reduce the interest rate on your debt, to bring down the price of your monthly payments and to reduce the number of companies you are paying money to.
Why should I …

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What information is actually in your credit file?

A credit report is a detailed report of an individual’s credit history. These reports are created by Credit reference agencies (also known as credit bureaus) such as Experian, Noddle and ClearScore. When you make an application for credit (such as a loan or credit card), credit providers can pay to access your credit report in …

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Mince Pie Comparison

Here at Choose Wisely, we do comparison. It’s not flash but it’s definitely clever. Whether it’s personal loans, credit cards or even, in this case, mince pies, we drive to compare the best products on the market so consumers can be assured they’re choosing wisely. Being Christmas and the fact the shelves are packed with …

How to borrow for the first time

Navigating the credit landscape for the first time can be daunting, however, if you’re armed with the right information you’ll not only feel more confident, but things will become simpler, making it much easier to ensure you Choose Wisely and find the right product.
So what is credit?
Credit in the simplest terms is borrowing …

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Borrowing with bad credit

What is bad credit?
Bad credit is a term used to describe a credit file which indicates a high credit risk. Individuals will most commonly have bad credit if they’ve never used credit before, or have a history of missed or late repayments.
Your credit score affects all of your financial decisions. If you are …

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Consumer rights part 2: Credit card protection at Christmas

Following on from Consumer rights part 1: How to complain at Christmas, we take a look at credit cards and, in particular, the protection they can offer you over Christmas.
Credit card purchase protection
First and foremost, most credit cards come with purchase protection. This means that if something goes wrong with your purchase (ie. …

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